Renee Fleming – Best Female Opera Singer?

Renée Fleming is recognized as one of the most celebrated and beloved singers of our time. Through her voice, stage presence and the artistic work involved in her work, she amasses a huge following at her concerts. Growing up in New York, Rochester, where her parents taught her music in high school, she became a lover of music and a pro jazz vocalist by the time she was in college. In her 1986 debut Salzburg, she realized that much had to be done about both her stage fright and vocal techniques. And after much dedication, she finally won the Metropolitan Opera Auditions in 1988, when she was 29.


Renee Fleming


Different people may have varying opinions about Fleming, some saying she is good, while others are not that impressed. But after taking time to review the towering magnitude of her success and credentials, one realizes how much hard work and dedication it takes for her to do what she does. This is in a world that is filled with thousands of sopranos. Back when she was still young in the opera world, it’s always a standard procedure to start in the standard repertoire. To be unique and stand out in such a situation, as it was with the Mozart’s Countess, which was always bashed with countless sopranos, it had to take great effort and dedication.


Countess In Marriage Of Figaro


Through her ability to create the sounds she produces from her distinctive and consistent tone, Fleming was able to conquer a lot of considerable tasks in her career. Despite the fact that many of the sopranos around the world can produce rather high and loud voices, her consistency and the sensitivity in her voice brings out a breathtaking moment every time she sings. What’s even more of a surprise is that she can produce these glorious sounds in a more or less effortless manner. Not only does her voice and acting take one to a whole new experience, but she has the ability to bring out an element of human life from her performances.


Fleming Singing In Beautiful Gown


Renee Fleming has an amazing gift from God, and with that kind of brilliant command, she has come to be presently recognized as a diva. She has been able to sing on a level that anyone could only wish for. Due to this fact, she has been a highly sought after artist and her work can be found in more than ten solo albums and more than 60 different recordings, as well as many opera recordings. She has won the National Medal of Arts and the Richard Tucker Award, as well as the Polar Music Prize. Harvard University awarded her with a Doctor of Music in 2015. She has so many accomplishments and is so talented, that it would take forever to list them all.

Due to her reputation and the marketability of her work today, she has been able to lead the Lord of Rings soundtrack, be a poster girl for Rolex, as well as manage other productions specifically designed for her opera houses around the world. Through the story of Renee Fleming, I have come to understand that many people around the world have many talents, but it takes extraordinary dedication, commitment, and a genuine human nature to complement the art to new levels.